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Tech.Picts page 16

Orbital Domains

City/States in orbit. Well-planned or chaotic, interconnected clumps most had become gigantic structures in space. Earth metal ship-shapes and post-stressed moon dust cement constructs domains can be mono or multi-corporate. However, most multi-corporate OrbitalDomains usually became multi in name only as the stronger Board of Directors usually came to dominate the others. Supposedly subject to the declaration of the Earth's government of 2043 claiming Earth's laws extended to any area inhabited by humanity by the very nature of Space-going humanity's dependence on the Earth for continued exsistence. If you happen to be an itinerant travaler, check the local 'customs' before hopping off ship to explore an enticingly novel orbitalDomain. Over reliance on EarthCode compliance could be a foolish mistake. In more than one way.


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