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Last areas of the planet that have trees, with profuse and diverse wild plant and animal life. Limited on the North American continent to the vastly over populated areas along what once was the US-Canadian border the Greens were extremely protected from intrusion by the general public. The health of these last enclaves of the earth's greatly diminished 'wild' areas was also under assualt from the increasingly violent weather, polution and ultra-violet radiation from the sun. The answer had been to build the Population City 'Cretes around the forests to act as giant walls to protect them from the great winds of the over-heated earth. Thousands of miles of ultra-violet absorbing ultra-thin, super-strong, carbon-nanotube-reinforced polymer sheeting was stretched between the great walls of the city 'cretes to cover over the Greens.

Studies of the failures of space-based attempts to be self-sufficient biomes yielded a fundamental factor that could not be ignored if the earth was to remain viable to the one species that had crowded out most of the others. These early attempts were highly limited in plant and animal DNA diversity and the quantification of their failures showed that the earth was dangerously close to falling below the marginal number of plant and animal life to maintain the earth as viable to its original inhabitants. As well as to provide the DNA flow out to the Ex-Earth space colonies dotting the solar system that still required the earth for replenishment of plant and animal DNA needed to sustain healthy, and viable Ex-Earth colonies as it was also discovered that if humans and other forms of life aren't exposed to a constant barrage of other species proteins, DNA, RNA, and other chemicals synthesized by a widely diverse biome their cellular chemical factories would shut down do to disuse and the effect cascades to other cellular functions eventually causing the shutdown of processes required to continue life.

The remaining wild areas are guarded by a fanatical corps of under 30 'Earth Angles'. Persons over 30 are disqualified from being earthAngles as it was discovered during nano-mapping of brains after the synapse-scanner was developed that after age 30 brain structure changed on a fundamental basis and generally persons over 30 were found to have shifted to a materialistic period of life-development and could not be trusted to guard the Green Genome as diligently or as honestly as a person under 30.

Persons both of the Earth and the Ex-Earths settlements would pay dearly for a single maple leaf, either to display as a haute-couture status symbol or to clone for the continuation of an Ex-Earth biome's diversity. Simply, they were at the point that the Greens could not even sustain themselves if such seemingly trivial transgressions were allowed. One leaf would become a flood draining the life from the last of the once vast profusion of greenlife that made our planet one of the few crown jewels of a universe where even the life-less light steaming from a collision of galaxies is a truly beautiful de-creation to behold.


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